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We are excited to announce this year's speakers for the ICOM MPR conference in Amsterdam. 

1. Sonya Gavankar - Museums and the Media
2. Alexandre Fernandes and Ricardo Piquet - Museums and their Causes
3. Frans van der Avert - Museums and the City
4. Jasper Visser - Museums and Communities in a digital age

5. Carolyn Akariza Nduba-Mwenda - The African oral history tradition
6. Thomas Ameye-Ooststraat - Living in a Museum
7. Eunice Baez - Curiosity and contemporary art: a program for media outreach
8. Yu-Chien Chang - Yilan as a Living Museum
9. Joy Chih-Ning Hsin - Adventure of reality and imagination: The Mobile Museum of NMH
10. Fyona Das - ‘Prachtnacht’ event (‘Beautiful night’ event)
11. Frederike van Dorst - Welcome to the world of photographer Ed van der Elsken
12. Mojtaba Ebadi Fath - Marketing of war museums to say the unspeakable (Case study: Holy defense museum of Tehran)
13. Dr. Matthias Henkel - Museums as places of truthfulness
14. Simona Juračková - We go social!
15. Pepijn Lemmens - Online dossiers, storytelling and content marketing
16. Adele Magnelli - Enhancing artworks using augmented and virtual reality
17. Patricia Martins and Ana Paula Pontes - Connecting Museums
18. Clement Mbugua Kuria - National Museums of Kenya’s digital transformation as a case study
19. Dr. Davit Poghosyan - Expanding Museum. Working at different public spaces and designing different public spaces as museums. Case studies from Armenian museums and cities
20. Dr. Irena Ruzin - People Smart Sculpture – 4D virtual urban arts – artists, museum, community using digital
21. Patrizia Schettino - Now I want to buy a ticket to India – immersive media
22. Dr. Carol Scott - The next challenge: Marketing the social agenda of museums
23. Peter Stohler - My Museum isn’t working
24. Marit Teerling - The Museum as an intersection: The city of Mannheim celebrates the birthday of the bicycle
25. Urša Vodopivec - Enriching Communications Forms by Computer Vision and Intelligent Robots
26. Linda Volkers - The New Newsroom
27. Allison Wycoff and Yasuhiro Sekiya - Transforming public space through Arts Participation
28. Marieke Zekveld and Linda Volkers - Digital Media Case Study: Rijksmuseum
29. Deborah Ziska - How the National Gallery of Art inspired a citywide celebration of African American heritage and culture

If you would like to register for the conference, it is still possible. Please, proceed with this link to download the registration form. 

Wednesday, June 28, 2017